Premium Shoe Organizer x 10 Units

Premium Shoe Organizer x 10 Units

10pcs colorful
10pcs green
10pcs yellow
10pcs purple
10pcs blue
10pcs white
10pcs Black
10pcs red
10pcs pink
10pcs coffee
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The OFFER is for 10 units till we run out of stock!!!

👞Never again a messy wardrobe  due to the number of shoes lying on top of each other.

Never again search and search, stirring everything until you find the pair of shoes you need.

An organized shoe closet really makes life easier and saves us a lot of time.


✔ Great Space Saver:You will quickly double the storage capacity of your Shoes sector using our organizer.

Protect your shoes: Being organized and having their own space, the shoes are not in continuous rubbing or hitting each other, increasing lifetime.

 Saving time: Forget about spending minutes and minutes looking for the two shoes of the same pair among all the clutter.

Pleasant to the eye: Being organized with our product, your wardrobe will look very good and pleasant. A clean, organized and modern look.

✔ Adjustable and adaptable to any shoe: The organizer has the possibility of adjusting its height in order to adapt to any type of shoe (including heels shoes). Adjustable in 4 positions.

Save money: any other type of shoe organizer is much more expensive than ours and it is surely not as good and functional as what we are offering.

✔ Great variety of Colors: Choose from our color alternatives to give that special look to your wardrobe.

✔ Easy to use: Its use is very simple, just adjust the height for the type of shoes to store and put one on the top and another on the bottom and then fit in your wardrobe as you like.