Portable Digital Air Cooler Conditioner

Portable Digital Air Cooler Conditioner

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Portable Digital Air Cooler Conditioner

Comfortable Digital Portable Air Cooler Fan. Air conditioning and humidifier function. Ideal for purifying and cooling spaces such as an office or home desk.




With evaporation technology, it converts cold water every day, through a special filter, into fresh and clean air that relaxes you, as well as keeping you cool on hot and sticky nights.
Chills and humidifies for better air, and allows you to create your own personal climate.
Works up to 8 hours per water tank refill. This portable device allows you to change the air around you for purified, clean and fresh air, making you feel really comfortable.

  • Just fill it with water, plug it into any standard wall socket or USB port and enjoy.
  • You can fill it with Ice Water too and the result will be even colder air.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • The compact design fits perfectly on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table, wherever you need it!

Materials:  Plastic
Size: 19,5*19,5*17,5 cm
Color: White and grey