Our Secure Payment Methods

What are our payment methods?

In WoOwZone we work with one of the most important and recognized companies in the world for  payments through the Internet. The company  is STRIPE.

One of the main reasons why we use this platform is that it has a buyer protection program that comes into force in the event of any conflict or claim so that whoever buys the product does not lose their money or be harmed in case they have any problem. .

Programar una pasarela con Stripe en tu propia Web | NETWORK ...


Stripe also makes everything so much simpler and safer. We use SSL encrypted security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% secure.
The payment process is very simple. Once you have the selection of your products, click on the "Checkout" button and you will go to the screen where you have to fill in the contact information, shipping and finally the details of your card.
Once you load all the data, your purchase will be immediately completed and you will receive a confirmation of your order.