Smart Pet Bottle-Built-in Filter

Smart Pet Bottle-Built-in Filter


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Smart Pet Bottle-With Filter

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Keep your dog safe from dehydration. You can take it on car trips and all you adventures have together.
✔ The bottle contains a built-in filter that removes excess chlorine, dust and any residue that the water may contain, ensuring that your pet always drinks the highest purity water
✔No need to pack a bottle and a plate, only with this dispenser you ensure you have a drink available at any moment for your pet.
✔The bottle contains at the end a shape that allows you to hang it from a backpack, belt, keychain and more, so that it is very confortable to carry with you.
Leak / Spill Proof Designwill surely not cause any trouble or cleaning. Just press the release button to deliver water. Even when it is upside down, the water will not come out of the bottle.
✔500ml liquid capacity allows you and your dog to participate  in more adventures in remote places. Adding ice cubes will keep your pets cool on the hottest summer days
Perfect size and designed for all kind of adventure, sports and travels. Easily fits into any vehicle cup holder for easy use when travelingpta fácilmente a cualquier portavasos del vehículo para facilitar su uso al viajar